We implement service/ product development programs for our clients, where we involve the consumers and key stakeholders through online communities. Additionally we have years of experience in measuring the digital customer experience as well as the effectiveness of digital advertising.


Service/ product development communities

We implement service/ product development communities for our clients, where we involve the consumers and key stakeholders through online communities.

We get to the consumers’ perspective quickly and efficiently with our online community platform and our wide range research methods and help you gain an advantage over your competitors.

Our service/ product development communities help answer key business and service development questions from the idea stage through to launch.

What is a development community?

  • A closed website
  • Where customers and employees get involved in product/ service development
  • It combines the best properties of quantitative and qualitative research

The process of our development communities

The functionalities available in our online communities

  • A moderated discussion forum
  • Focus groups through moderated online chats
  • Quantitative surveys
  • Video, sound and picture elements e.g. a video blog
  • Product testing, tasks that are carried out on websites
  • Photo galleries as well as the possibility to upload customer materials

In what various stages should you utilise our community development tool?


Find new opportunities to grow your business

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We help our clients discover the behaviour of a select target group. We define the target group’s attitudes, values and motivations through the online community. Additionally we determine the target group’s expectations of the products/ services in question. 

As a conclusion we create an image of the selected target group’s behaviour and needs. We present insights into what type of products/ services are in demand. At the end of the idea stage our clients have an image of the target group’s needs and concrete ideas to help develop the product/ service.


Increase a concepts commercial appeal and get them ready for the market.

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We test the different concepts effectiveness in the community within a selected target group. We determine what concepts consumers think are the best and worst. The bad concepts are dismissed and we further develop the concepts with the help of the core consumers. We define what is the best concept and for what product/ services there is a demand for as well as what the services’ best features are.

At the end of the project our clients have a concept that has been tested within the correct target group and guidelines to further develop the concept.


Market services with appealing messages.

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We determine how much the selected target group is willing to pay for the product/ services through the online community. We test what messages are the most effective in the advertising for various target groups.

As a result our clients will have a targeted and efficient launch campaign.


Measure you service’s/ product’s success in the market.

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Through real time web analytics and online research tools we help our clients to understand the digital consumer experience as well as the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns.

At the end of the project we will help our clients improve their digital business and make there digital advertising more efficient.

Digital performance

InterQuest is your partner when you want to systematically measure and improve your consumer experience and effectiveness of your digital advertising.

All our research is done with real time web tools by using visitor analytics, target surveys as well as A-B testing.

We bring into the consumer’s world through our programs and help you make your business more effective through real time consumer understanding.

Digital consumer experience

We help you measure and develop your businesses digital consumer experience. This could for example involve a self-service website, an online shop or another type of company website.

We'll determine how to increase the conversion of your website or how to make it more appealing or help develop your website’s content/ offering on a factual basis and in line with consumers’ needs.

As a result you can improve and optimise the services/ products commercial success, often even by hundreds of %.

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Digital marketing

We particularly help you understand the functionality and effectiveness of digital marketing. Additionally we will help you systematically develop your digital marketing so you get more out of your own, bought and earned media.

We can determine how digital marketing affects purchase intent and a brand's image through our research tools. With our tools you can optimise you campaign investment even amongst the 99% who don't click an advert.

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